Why do Energy Work?

Why do Energy Work?

Why do Energy Work? What is Energy Work anyway?

If you are not familiar with Energy Work then I would like to make a quick introduction. You are an Energy Being, some call it Spirit, in a human body. This human body comes with an Energy System. Aspects of the Energy System govern how you think, feel and respond, both physically and emotionally, to events and circumstances. Energy Work is the act of making corrections to the Energy Patterns in your Energy System, thereby changing your responses. So, back to the original question: “Why do Energy Work”?

What it boils down to is that people want to feel good. The flip side of this is that no one really wants to feel stress. From an Energy System point of view, stress is a real thing. How you feel when your Energy System is stressed depends on how your physical body manifests stress. What is the old joke? A man walks into a doctor’s office and says to the doctor, “When I move my arm like this, it hurts.” The doctor replies, “Well sir, then don’t move your arm like that.”

That happens to be a very common human response. If an action, be it physical, verbal, emotional and the like, causes you pain or stress, then most often people do not engage in that action.

Let’s look at a real life example. Billy works in an office as an assistant. He does his job well. He knows all of the procedures down to the exact keystroke. The job is not challenging anymore and he is happily plugging away at something. He has a very predictable life. He goes to bed at the same time. He eats only a small variety of foods. He is afraid that things that are too spicy will hurt him. (He ate a chili pepper when he was 5.) He has enough money for himself, but not enough to do anything outside of his normal routine. His routine is set. It is safe. It is predictable. Everything that he does is to ensure that he does not feel any stress. He wasn’t always like this. To get to his assistant position he had to endure many years of training. He had to outlast everyone else. The truth is, that he did not outlast anyone. Everyone else moved onto bigger and better things. And there is Billy, not coming close to living his full potential.

What is stopping Billy? Every time that Billy or more pointedly Billy’s Energy System gets stressed, he has an extreme response that physically manifests as being frozen, at a loss for words, involuntary shaking and the odd stuttering. This response has nudged him into his current routines. Any deviation from those routines stresses his Energy System.

Looking at it from the outside, you would be shocked at his current state. He is still young, in his late twenties and you would hope for him to continue to progress. Maybe there is a family in his future, maybe not. He won’t know as his current routines have him isolated and alone.

Other people in his workplace see this and remark, “oh Billy…” and then move on. One day his manager is replaced. The new manager is aggressive and has been tasked with “cleaning things up” and “making improvements”. He sees Billy, evaluates Billy’s current position, and chooses to consolidate Billy’s work functions with that of another in the office.

This new position has two things that are about to challenge Billy’s Energy System. He is going to have to learn new procedures and he is going to have to teach what he knows to someone else. They will call it cross-training, but Billy has this sick feeling that he is going to be out of a position soon.

All through the process of this consolidation, Billy can’t focus, he can’t effectively communicate, he gets the “shakes”. What happens next is not too big of a surprise. His co-worker highlights aspects of Billy’s job that are not needed and strips away everything that makes Billy necessary. Billy is let go from the company with a tiny severance. Because of the physical manifestation of his energetic response, Billy now finds himself out of work, soon to be out of an apartment and living back with his parents.

Everything that you would normally do to progress your career, take night courses, keep your skills up-to-date, make contacts and attend social gatherings causes Billy’s Energy System to be stressed.

What can Billy do now? Does he continue to live with these stressors and struggle through life? At this moment, he is not good, in fact he is not even OK.

So, why do Energy Work? How can Billy be helped? The first step is for Billy to choose to do something. There needs to be a level of permission in order to help Billy.

The next step is to identify the exact Energies that are causing Billy’s Energy System to be stressed. Instead of changing the stressed state, how about clearing, or removing the Energies that are causing his Energy System to be in a stressed state?

That seems rather simple, doesn’t it? If something is hitting you and it makes you cry, then remove the thing that is hitting you. For Billy, if being in a classroom causes his Energy System to be stressed, and it manifests physically as a loss of focus and an inability to communicate, then remove or clear the energies that are causing this stressed state.

How do we help Billy move forward and grow, leave his parents basement and have him live actively? Identify the energies and then clear them. The end result will be that Billy has a different energetic response to the same events and circumstances.

Flash forward into the future. With the help of Energy Corrections, Billy was able to be in a classroom without being energetically stressed. He was able to focus and when asked to, he was able to speak clearly and concisely. The circumstances of the environment did not change. What was different was the way that Billy responded physically and emotionally.

Why do Energy Work?

To move forward. To make changes. To create something new. To do all of these things without being in an energetically stressed state.

There are many different ways to cope with your stressed energetic state. Some use alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, (both prescription and recreational). Some just avoid what stresses them completely, which is also coping. Agoraphobia is an extreme example of that.

It all comes down to personal choice. Do you cope with these Energies, or do you clear them?

How do you want to live?

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