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Spiritual Concepts
1-Day Workshop Guelph

October 15, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Spiritual Concepts to Illuminate & Channeling Meditation

Anything that is outside the realm of the physical body is considered Spiritual. It is a belief or knowing that there is something beyond this physical experience. It is a hope that there is something more for us after our physical body dies. It is our personal experiences that tell us that there is something more! It is with this knowing that we choose to explore these Spiritual Concepts and explore the realm beyond the physical.

Each of us has a picture or a framework or a model of what this realm looks like. Like curious explorers we find each clue, each bread crumb and we either accept it because it feels like a truth, or we discard it because we know at the core of our being that it is not a truth. Our discerning nature, our ability to know right from wrong helps us to build the picture of this realm that is beyond the physical.

Our goal for this workshop is to convey to you our picture; our framework of what this Spiritual Realm looks like.

Everything is made up of Energy. This is true for both the physical and non-physical items. Everything is made up of individual Energies organized together in a designed way.

Consider this: You are an Energy Being as well as a Human Being. You have both physical and non-physical components that make up your Energy System. These components are made up of individual Energies. Naturally, you generate your own Energy.

The intent of this workshop is to raise your awareness. To have you realize the impact of the Energy around you. To give structure to Energy in a way that gives meaning and purpose to how you may think and feel.

What happens to your Energy Levels when you start clearing the Foreign Energies that are not part of the intended design of your Energy System? Your Energy Levels go up! You gain focus and clarity!

Krista and Dan consider the Spiritual aspects and definitions to be as important as the Energy Work itself. To maintain and protect your Energy Levels, you need both.

At this workshop Dan and Krista will be exploring and discussing:

  • The layout of your Energy System (Expanded Layout)
  • The inner workings of the Energy System
  • Chakras (Spin and Speed, Are Yours On?)
  • Chakra Training Meditation (audience participation)
  • How you relate to the rest of the Universe.
  • Soul Contracts (What are they and how are they shaped?)
  • Past Lifetimes, Future Lifetimes, and Concurrent Lifetimes
  • Rules and Ethics of Energy Work
  • The Power of Discernment and the Full Body Muscle Test
  • Measurements and Results (audience participation)
  • Native versus Foreign Energies
  • Auric Attachments (Foreign Energy, Detailed Explanation)
  • Earth-Bounds (What are they? How are they formed? How to cross them over.)
  • Spirit Guides (Who they are and how to communicate with them.)
  • Channeling (Explanation of the Steps and Discussion)
  • Channeling Meditation (audience participation)
  • The Automated F3™
  • How they achieved the Automation of Energy Work
  • Topics (A group of Energy Imprints; how they are activated; the result of clearing them; and changing the energetic conversation.)
  • Connections (What are they? How and when they are severed.)

Bring your questions. At their workshops, fascinating discussions happen when questions and requests are brought forward from the audience.

This is what one participant had to say:
“Wow, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your 2-day workshop about our Energy Systems and what amazing beings of energy we actually are! It was so much fun and fascinating to learn new things about what our life force is really made up of and how our Energy Systems are always in motion, affected by our thoughts, experiences, and our environment. The additional bonus teaching us how to channel was a wonderful gift and was moved by the experience. I’m already putting to practice what I’ve learned from your workshop.”

If you desire something new to happen, then you will need to make changes to how you respond energetically to the events in your life. Krista and Dan have a unique, matter of fact, way of looking at Energies, both “inside” your Energy System and “outside” your Energy System. Their intention is to educate and to raise awareness of what is possible. This workshop is for those who know there is something else beyond the physical, and are guided to explore solutions for themselves and their family, that will enhance their every day life.

Knowing the Impact of certain Outside Energies, this event is only for those with The F3™ Service. If you do not have The F3™ it can be purchased here.

Snacks and Refreshments will be included.

Spiritual Concepts 1-Day Workshop Guelph October 15th, 2017

$149.99 per person

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October 15, 2017
9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Chartwell Wellington Park Retirement Residence
181 Janefield Ave
Guelph, Ontario N1G 1V2 Canada
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