Are you connected?

Are You Connected?

Everyone seems to have this desire to be connected to everyone else.

They walk around proclaiming, ‘We are one.” Or “We are all connected”. Have they considered whether they should be connected? And, what type of connection they are agreeing to?

Granting someone permission to your Energy System can have all kinds of ramifications. Some that most have not even considered. It is through this permission that energetic connections are made. From person to person, and from person to almost everything else. It is through these connections that energies are transferred, sometimes taken and sometimes pushed.

For example, someone was unhappy with how much grief a client had, and felt that they should be crying more, or show more sadness, or have some of their grief. Through a connection, they willfully sent some of their grief. They wanted to share this grief so they could feel connected. But the way they went about it was intrusive in nature. The client did not want this grief. They completed their grieving process long ago. Yet they welled up and cried for no reason. Once the connection was severed, the grief and sadness passed almost instantly. This one example shows the impact of connections.

So who, or what, should you be connected to?

How long should that connection last?

In everyday language connections are made. When you accept your coffee at the drive through there are connections from person to person being made. There are also connections between you and the product or gift received, as well as the connections between the server and the product or gift given.

You purchased the coffee at 9am. Should those connections be there at 3pm in the afternoon? I would suggest not. I would say that those connections should be severed the moment you have your coffee in the car and you are driving off.

There is a multitude of energies that are exchanged between people in a simple coffee transaction. The connections happen automatically and you would think that they should dissolve or fall away on their own. We have found that this is not always the case. The F3™ Service has routines built in to sever connections. We built this in, because it is the connections that allow Energies to move, or in some cases be intentionally transferred, to or from, a person’s Energy System. These Foreign Energies can impact a person’s Flow Rate, their ability to perform, their vibrancy and vigour.

So, are you connected? How much of others energy is impacting you? These are good questions. We have already asked them and even more. These questions led to the creation of The F3™ Service.

Yes, it is these connections that help us empathize with others, share feelings of grief and despair, as well as joy and elation. They also let though energetic noise or static. Connections should only be in place as long as needed; as long as permissions are granted; they should not linger. It is with intent that we consciously choose to disconnect. Are you connected?

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