The M3 Shield™ Family Plan

$49.99 / month

Energy Protection and Energy Enhancement

The M3 Shield™ Family Plan includes:

The M3 Shield™ for 2 Adults and up to 4 Children (under 18 years of age; you must be their legal guardian).

When completing the order on the Check Out page please list the given names and birth dates of those you wish to include in the plan.


The M3 Shield™

Energy Protection and Energy Enhancement

The M3 Shield™ provides energy protection from Outside Energies resulting in enhanced energy, greater clarity, and a sense of peace and well-being.

I would like to take a moment to explain the following items:

  • My philosophy on “Energy Protection”.
  • What are Outside Energies?
  • How do you measure energy levels to tell me when they are enhanced?
  • What are some examples of a sense of peace and well-being?

My philosophy on “Energy Protection”.

There is a stigma around the term “Energy Protection” that I would like to address as it implies that there is something you need protecting from.

With the knowledge that we are energetic beings and everything and everyone around us is energy, I graciously acknowledge the existence and effects of Outside Energies. To me “Energy Protection” means that I am refusing to allow or accept the impairment of these energies. I have chosen to access my full energetic potential.

What are Outside Energies?

The energy of you includes all aspects of your Energy System including your connection to Source. Everything that is not the energy of you, I consider an Outside Energy.

There is a long list of Outside Energies and Hollywood has done a great job of oversimplifying and overdramatizing some of the common outside energies. In human terms, consider how energy is transmitted with thoughts and words.

Have you ever felt that sick feeling when the driver behind you is cursing at you because you are choosing to travel only 10km per hour over the speed limit and apparently, they have some place to be right now? This is the type of manipulating emotional energy that I do not want in my energy system. With the M3 Shield™ the impact on me is lessened. I can still look in the rear-view mirror and see that the person is very upset. Not being energetically impacted by the driver’s anger I am then afforded the opportunity to choose how I would like to respond. I can calmly choose to ignore them and stay focused on the road ahead.

Take into consideration all the different types of sales tactics that are being used. Marketing is based on language, emotions, and emotional responses. We are not always aware of the energies influencing our free will and our choices. Did you intend to buy the used car with the leopard print seat covers?

For more information please see my page on Outside Energies.

How do you measure energy levels to tell me when they are enhanced?

Let’s consider that there is a constant flow of energy in the universe. It is never still and it is ever-flowing. Your Energy System participates in that flow of energy. Universal Energies flow in through your Meridians and travel outward through your Chakras.

What we are measuring is the rate of flow, or Flow Rate, of Universal Energy through your Energy System. Having assigned a scale to Flow Rate I am able to track and quantify increases in Flow Rate as the M3 Shield™ clears Outside Energies from your Energy System.

I measure a person’s Flow Rate before and after the application of the M3 Shield™. A person’s Flow Rate can be 70 before the application of the M3 Shield™ and rise to 19,000 within the first hour, and then one week later it can rise to 720,000**. The increase in Flow Rate indicates enhanced energy levels.

To measure a person’s Flow Rate, I use “long-distance” or “surrogate” muscle testing. With Energy Permission, I muscle test, using myself as the surrogate, to ask for information from your Energy System. Just as energy, like radio waves, can travel over distances, so can the energy of thought. This allows, with Energy Permission, for muscle testing to be done for people hundreds of miles away.

What are some examples of a sense of peace and well-being?

Just as with the example of the upset driver, on any given day, you will experience the energy of others. Pick any situation that left you feeling uneasy or left you in a spin for no apparent reason. It could have been the odd look from a stranger. Unless you live isolated on top of a mountain, interacting with others is unavoidable. It doesn’t mean that you need to take on the energy of them. With the M3 Shield™ you can move to a position of observation and greater choice.

Here is what one person had to say:

“I am feeling quite excellent. In fact, my state of Being has shifted quite significantly into Peacefulness. My whole life I have mostly experienced anxiety as a baseline, with occasional glimpses of peacefulness and higher states of Being, and now my baseline is shifting significantly into Peacefulness! I still have trigger moments, but these feel at a distance and they don’t throw me out of balance as easily now. I think I have shifted quite significantly with the M3 Shield™!”

The M3 Shield™

  • Specifically created to clear your Energy System.
  • Supports and compliments all Energy Work.
  • Multi-Faceted and Multi-Purpose.
  • Allows the expansion of your personal Energy

Side Benefits:

  • Improves Psychological and Physical Health.
  • Allows greater physical hydration.
  • Removes energies that interfere with your Free Will.
  • Manipulating Energies do not limit your choices.
  • Manipulating Negative People do not influence you.

The M3 Shield™ is ideal for those that:

  • Struggle with making simple decisions.
  • Intuitively feel others are overriding them or influencing them.
  • Can be suddenly overcome with fear.
  • Cannot focus or concentrate.
  • Are being distracted or interfered with by certain energies or entities and have not been able to shake them off.

The first step before our Energy System Overhaul™ and HK™ Sessions, is to clear a person’s Energy System of all Outside Energies bringing their Energy Immune System to 100%.

The M3 Shield™ was created for our clientele that wanted to be cleared 24/7.

** this is a real-life example; individual results may vary.