The F3™ Service
For 1 Person

$49.99 / month

The Automation
of the
Energy System Overhaul™ Routines.


With The F3™ Service,

restore your Natural Energy.

Reclaim focus and clarity.

Our model of Energy Work is quite different.
Instead of coming to see us once or twice a month for a one hour session, we have developed a method to have Energy Work done continuously, 24 hours a day.

Consider that we are Spiritual Beings choosing to have a human experience.
In doing so, we chose to have this human experience in a human body.
This human body comes with an Energy System of which the human body is the smallest part.
The Energy System has a natural flow to it. It is this Flow that is impacted by Foreign Energies.
When the Foreign Energies are removed, the natural flow and balance is restored.

In order to keep up with the rate at which Foreign Energies were coming into the Human Energy System, we developed an Energy Library to automatically find and remove Foreign Energies.
The Energy Library is the base of The F3™ Service.