The Energy System Overhaul™

CAD $199.99

Emotional Energy Imprints govern how you think, feel and respond to events and circumstances. Release them and be free to choose something else for YOU.

The Energy System Overhaul™ is a one-hour long session.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars.



The Energy System Overhaul™

There are 3 stages to the Energy System Overhaul™:

1) The Energy System Startup

Which consists of the following items:

• Ensure that you are free of Auric Attachments and that your Energy Immune System is at 100%
• Connect your roots to the core of the Earth.
• Clear Emotional Energy from your Energy System. Emotional Energy can build up over time. You generate it yourself and you gather it from others.
• Cord Cutting of Interdimensional Cords
• Chakra Balancing: Ensuring that your Chakras are on, spinning in the proper direction, and then ensuring that they are at the optimal speed.
• Connecting your Soul String
• Reintegrating any missing Soul Fragments back into your Energy System.

2) Topic Clearing

In a one-hour Energy System Overhaul we can clear the Energy Imprints associated with 5 to 6 Topics.

We use the term Topic to identify an issue that you bring forward to us.
The issue that you bring to us might be in the form of a story or a paragraph.
From that story we test/determine the Topic Name.
Using the Topic Name, we call forward and clear the Energy Imprints associated with the Topic.

Energy Imprints live in your Subtle Energy Bodies and govern how you think, feel, and respond emotionally.
Clearing the Energy Imprints linked with a Topic gives you new opportunities to choose differently how you think, feel, and respond emotionally to the circumstances associated with the Topic.

The Topics we like to clear for people are Topics that cause their Energy System to be stressed or triggered.
Everyone’s stressed or triggered state is different. Mine, for instance, is that I get shaky energy, I start to get a head ache and I get grumpy and curt.
The end goal is to remain calm and in a “State of Grace” during your normal day to day life.

Naming the Topic involves finding the exact wording for the Topic.
For example, the Topic “My Anger” is very different from “My Desperate Anger”.
The number of Energy Imprints called forward for each of those topics is significantly different.
Krista works up the Topic Names using word lists and muscle-testing your Energy System.

3) Energy System Integration

With an Energy Clearing of this scale your Energy System requires time integrate all of the subtle changes.
We measure the amount of time required for full system integration and in most cases the amount of time required is over a year.
We then perform an Energy System Integration Energy Correction to bring this integration time down to under 5 minutes.