Outside Energies

My philosophy on “Energy Protection” from Outside Energies

There is a stigma around the term “Energy Protection” that I would like to address, as it implies that there is something you need protecting from. With the knowledge that we are energetic beings and everything and everyone around us is energy, I graciously acknowledge the existence and effects of Outside Energies. To me, “Energy Protection” means that I am refusing to allow or accept the impairment of these energies. I have chosen to access my full energetic potential.

What are Outside Energies?

I take a matter-of-fact approach to Outside Energy. Any other approach creates fear or confusion.
The energy of you includes all aspects of your Energy System including your connection to Source.
Everything that is not the energy of you, I consider an Outside Energy.

This is a complicated subject and the number of different types of these energies is considerable.
To simplify things, I would like to separate Outside Energies into 3 different categories:

1) Auric Attachments
2) Interfering Items
3) Manipulating Energies

Auric Attachments

Quite often I will hear from others that they had an entity removed that was attached to them or something in their home had to be removed. They treat this as a single incident and that this was something big. The reality is, that on any living breathing human being there are many “entities” or “beings” all the time. They exist in varying shapes and sizes. Throughout history, we as humans have given them various names like trolls, gremlins, and ghosts. At some point, many types of Auric Attachments came from a living breathing thing. When their “body” died, they continued to exist as energy. This is how some Auric Attachments can appear to have consciousness and sometimes influence your thoughts and emotions.

The nature of Auric Attachments is that they tend to “hop” from one being to another. Auric Attachments actively infuse themselves into the Subtle Energy Bodies of your Energy System. This is where they set up residence.

Interfering Items

Have you ever heard the expression “they shot daggers from their eyes” or “ok, you can take that knife out of my back now” or “how could they stab me in the back?”. Yes, they may seem as only mere expressions and phrases that we use, however on an energetic level, they are something that is very real. Interfering Items are the energetic equivalence of knives, swords, daggers, and the like. They are found in your Energy System and impede your Flow Rate.

Manipulating Energies

Manipulating Energies are energies that whose purpose is to control, manipulate, enslave, and/or disempower you. The impairment on a person’s Energy System can be enormous and manifests in many ways. These energies are the domain of humans, what I mean by that, is that the origin of these energies are created from the thoughts and emotions of another human being. They are either active, done with ill intent, or passive, without the conscious knowledge of the creator. Indeterminant of the origin and intent, these energies have a profound influence on your Free Will.

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