Energy System Assessment

Energy System Assessment

Your Energy System and Asking It Questions

Let’s consider that there is a constant flow of energy in the universe. It is never still and it is ever-flowing. Your Energy System participates in that flow of energy. Universal Energies flow in through your Meridians and travel outward through your Chakras.

Your Energy System, also known as your Human Energy Field, responds to questions asked. Physically it shows up in your muscle response. If your muscle response is weak it is a “NO” answer to the question asked and if the muscle response is strong and robust it is a “YES” answer to the question asked.

This is the basis of muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology. Trained as an HK™ BioEnergetic Practitioner I am also taught to ensure that the conditions for muscle testing are correct. Ensuring that you and I are both in Meridian Energy Balance, and have optimal levels of hydration, are 2 key factors to prepare to muscle test.

Based on the no and yes answers, I can then ask questions of your Energy System. For example, with the proper questions I can ask your Energy System what is your level of hydration. Assigning it a value based on a scale of 0 to 100 where 0 is completely dehydrated and 100 is optimal hydration I can assess how well you are hydrated. Ideally, I want your hydration to be higher than 80%.

Energy Immune System and Flow Rate?

Energy Immune System:

Humans emanate light energy 360 degrees. Our Energy Systems generate their own light energy like an electrical battery. Your Energy Immune System (EIS) number represents how much light is detected. If you have Outside Energies on your Energy System, then your EIS number will be less than 100%.

Flow Rate:

This number represents the amount of Universal Energy flowing through your Energy System. Energy flows in through your Meridians and radiates outwards through your Chakras. Measuring Flow Rate, we can quantify your Qi. In traditional Chinese culture, Qi or Ch’i is an active part of every living thing, it is “material energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow”.

Are you creating your best life?

There are those of us who know we are very Energy Sensitive and there are those of us who know we are not. Whether you feel energy or not, it still exists, and because you are a human being you have an Energy System.

Having an Energy System, or Human Energy Field, you can be affected or influenced by Outside Energies. You can also improve or alter the way that you feel by altering the flow of Energy through your Energy System. You can remove blockages and smooth out transitions.

It really comes down to how you feel and what you are willing to accept as your “normal”. Do you jump out of bed in the morning? Do you have abundant energy to spare to complete the tasks you set out for yourself? Or, are you tired? Do you have muddled thoughts or brain fog? Do you physically shake because of some unknown fear or trauma?

So, in human terms, are you living a life that makes you happy and joyful?

My Approach to Helping You Create Your Best Life

The energy of you includes all aspects of your Energy System including your connection to Source. Everything that is not the energy of you, I identify as an Outside Energy. So, let’s remove the influence of Outside Energies. I do this with The M3 Shield™, which will take your Energy Immune System to 100% and keep it there 24/7. With the use of the M3 Shield™ there is an immediate increase in your Flow Rate.

Now that the influence of Outside Energies is “dealt with”. What’s next?

This is the moment where I’d like you to look deep inside yourself.

The truth is, once the influence of Outside Energies is removed, there is only the energy of you. Now we look at the current state of your Energy System. So, what hurts? What is the item or area that comes to mind first, where do you feel less than optimal?

It could be anything from how you approach breakfast with your family, to what happens to you when you interact with a certain co-worker who pushes your “buttons” and creates stress for you everyday.

Once we have a topic area, we can focus on where exactly in your Energy System this physical and emotional response coming from. Based on your body’s priority sequence of using our Energy System Overhaul™ session we can remove the Energy Imprints that are associated with that topic. The benefit for you? Those Energy Imprints are no longer part of your Energy System. You have ability to choose differently, and the strength to respond to the same circumstance in a different manner.

Energetically responding in a different manner to items or areas in your life, allow you to “be” in a place where you can make new choices.

Through the power of your choices, you can create your best life. My job is to help your Energy System allow you to make those choices.

Choose how you eat. Choose where you live. Choose where you work. Choose who you spend your time with and what you are willing to accept in your relationships.