BioEnergetic Detox™

What is an Auric Attachment?

An Auric Attachment is an Outside Energy that is attached to your Energy System that should not be there and should be removed, because they contribute to creating mental, physical and/or emotional symptoms.

What is a BioEnergetic Detox™?

A BioEnergetic Detox™ is a service that removes Auric Attachments from your Energy System.

How is the BioEnergetic Detox™ done?

Step 1: Measure your Energy Immune System. It should be 100%, if not then do Step 2 and Step 3.
Step 2: Identify the type and strength of the Auric Attachments.
Step 3: Perform the Auric Attachment Removal Process and then do Step 1.

Energy Immune System (EIS) Explained:

Humans emanate light energy 360 degrees. Our Energy Systems generate their own light energy like an electrical battery. Your Energy Immune System (EIS) number represents how much light is detected. If you have Outside Energies on your Energy System, then your EIS number will be less than 100%.

Some Background Info:

HK™ is Health Kinesiology, and is a form of Applied Kinesiology. The main objective in HK™ is to find and remove blockages in your Energy System, using HK™ BioEnergetic Corrections, to improve the flow of Energy in your Energy System. Dr. Jimmy Scott, the founder of HK™ BioEnergetics, identified three main types of outside energies that affect your Energy System. They can be categorized into Natural Earth Energies, Human Made Energies and Other Energies. These Other Energies are Auric Attachments.

Through his research, Dr. Jimmy Scott, categorized and listed as many types of Outside Energies that he could find. He researched all cultural references and belief systems. Some examples of the types of energies include nature based energies, human based energies, controlling energies, and enslaving energies.

As part of my training I was taught the HK™ method for removing Outside Energies from my clients’ Energy System. I offer this as a separate service as I believe that any form of Energy Work be it HK™, Reiki, or Therapeutic Touch is more effective when you Energy System is not affected by Outside Energies.

My Wish for You

My wish for you is that your Energy Immune System is robust and healthy. I want you to be free from Auric Attachments and that you have all of your energy to heal yourself. When your body has regained its’ missing energy, it simply heals itself, the way it was naturally intended to in the first place.